Shove Pro: Running & Shoving Game

Shove Pro by Red DragonShove Pro by Red Dragon is more than just a little reminiscent of Grand Theft Auto, but instead of driving around and plucking people out of their cars to hijack them, Shove Pro is a kind of Grand Theft Auto on foot! You go around running through alleys, shoving people around and, I must say, there’s something perversely satisfying about shoving old ladies headlong into pursuing helicopters!

The tutorial is good; the characters look cool, and the soundtrack rocks. The game play is a lot of fun and a lot of laughs – and you get to travel around major European cities.

Basically this game promotes rude behavior, where you run along busy streets shoving people. Your character, stunt man Lars Speed wagon, shoves his way through the streets of Paris, Milan, and more. Enjoy the satisfaction of pushing one of your victims into a food cart close by, but watch out, you don’t want to get nabbed by the guards who are in hot pursuit.

Lars, your stunt man character, has a few tricks up his sleeve when it comes to rude shoving behavior. He can push bystanders in the face or knock them down at the legs. You can also choose the direction in which you fling the bystander, and control how strong your shove will be. A nice hard shove will propel granny a block along the street.

While all this shoving is going on, you’re being chased by guards who are hot on your heels. Reminiscent of so many movie chases on foot, you littler the guards’ path by hurling (shoving) bystanders at them. If the guards catch you, you’ll be knocked down to the ground. Shove Pro has all the hallmarks of a great game – its fun, it’s humorous, and it’s highly addictive.

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