SocioSpy iPhone App Review

Nowadays, there are numerous social networking websites online. It can cause a headache trying to manage and locate our friends in all of them at once. Now with SocioSpy users can track and manage their friends that use multiple online social networks. This iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch app was developed by Victor Slivinsky. Users can download SocioSpy from the AppStore for just $1.99.

SocioSpy iPhone Application

Basically, this app is an integrated social networking search engine that can track profiles through 21 different websites. Some of the websites are quite popular such as Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, LinkedIn and Gmail. But there are also obscure ones such as Reddit, Schoolbank, Hyves, and FriendFeed.

To use this app, you simply have to input your colleagues’ first name and last name and tap the search button. It is possible to narrow down your search by deselecting or selecting the various 21 social networks. After you have performed the search, the app will give you information of the profiles you have selected including the names. Users can see a list that includes the person’s profile picture (if one is available) plus an icon indicating the specific social network the person is on.

As soon as you choose a specific profile from the list, you are given a short outline of the personal information that person has decided to share to the public on that certain website. You can also save the photograph of a person’s profile using this app. Another feature of this app is that you can link straight to the app’s web browser allowing users to instantly add a person to their contacts list which makes it easier to communicate. You can also bookmark the profile of someone you want to keep in touch with. This app includes a web accessing feature within it that allows users to stay in the app so they do not have to go back and forth between SocioSpy and Safari during each search. Users are also given the ability to customize the results page and searches in the Settings.

This is a great app for people that have a tendency to be a stalker since they do not have to go through various different social networking websites to find a certain profile. With only a few simple steps SocioSpy can track someone down easily. Another cool thing about this app is that it is totally private and no one will know you going through their profiles.

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