Sony Vaio VPCSB1V9E

Describing Sony’s offer as excellent is exaggerated, but the fact of weighing at 1.8kg and measuring just 30mm at its thickest point, it’s definitely mobile and packed full of outstanding useful features, especially impressed to see a built-in DVD drive, a rarity for size reasons.

Sony Vaio VPCSB1V9EThe S Series also brags plenty of power. With Intel’s latest Core i5 processor this device can handle almost anything you launch on it, with assured ease. You will rarely see any slow-down, although it does audibly churn when it’s working hard.

The Sony Vaio VPCSB1V9E is equipped with an AMD graphic card that give powerful multimedia performance, which many of the laptops in this area lack. High definition movies play perfectly. The sharp, 13.3-inch screen is equipped with a matt TFT finish, which greatly reduces annoying reflections. It’s a colorful screen that perfectly reconstitutes your pictures and movies, with good viewing angles and contrast.

By letting go some performance you’ll be able to extend the battery life. This laptop has the power to be an energy saver for people who travel a lot and don’t have access to power sources. Stick it in Speed mode for full throttle performance, or ease into Stamina mode, which lowers the settings to extend the battery life.

With all you want, plus a DVD drive and dedicated graphics, in one lightweight machine, Sony’s S Series was made for the road!

Pros: Impressive performance and some excellent features packed into a slender package

Cons: The processor audibly churns when it’s busy


  • Security: Again your fingerprint is the key to protecting all of your data.
  • Battery Extender: Adjusts the performance to suit your needs
  • Keyboard: Backlit and comfortable for long typing sessions.
  • Is it made to travel? And excellent battery life this is the one to pack

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