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Most Americans think of the battle of Gettysburg when considering the United States Civil War.  However, few remember that Fort Sumter located in South Carolina is the site of the first engagement of the Civil War. On April 12, 1861 the Confederate artillery opened fire on the Federal Fort to start what would become the United States Civil War. 

Today Fort Sumter National Monument in South Carolina is part of our National Park system and provides a view into our rich history. In the vicinity of Fort Sumter is also Fort Moultrie which was the site of the first American victory over the British Navy. In June of 1776, the nine warships of the British Navy attacked a partially constructed fort. 

The fort withstood the British attack for nine hours and forced a retreat by the British Navy thus saving Charleston, South Carolina from occupation.  Both of these forts located on the coast of South Carolina are stark reminders of the rich history of the United States of America.

Map of South Carolina:

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