Sphero Ball: The Living Ball for Smartphone Users

Sphero Robot BallThese days, it is very easy to see people using smartphones. As a matter of fact, people are using a smartphone almost everywhere thanks to the rich features that such a device is capable of offering. However, despite the already existing rich features, it seems that users of such a device is about to get even more out of their phone thanks to the Sphero Ball, the living ball for smartphone users.

Instead of targeted to the children out there, this toy is meant for use by grown men and women. Judging by the look of it, the toy is simply a small plastic ball with some LEDs hiding beneath it. However, with the existence of a phone, this ball can become very alive.

To make the ball alive, all that the users will have to do is simply touch the screen of their phone. Alternatively, they may as well use their phone accelerometer to move the ball around. Yet, even a simple touch or flick with the phone will cause the Sphero Ball to follow certain instructions.

The sphero ball comes in the size of a fist, just like most of the standard toy balls. Yet, with all the things it can do, the people behind the creation of the ball prefer to call it “Wii of the real world’.

Sphero Ball Bluetouth Connected

In order to make the ball alive, there are 3 applications available. One of these applications will enable users to drive the toy ball around as they wish in real-time. Then, the next application will give users the ability to draw paths for the Sphero Ball to follow. To draw these paths, users only need to make use of their fingers. Then, last but not least, there is also another application that will move the ball as if it is a golf ball. The application is dubbed as the “Golf” application. To move the toy like a golf ball, users need to control their smartphone imagining the phone as a golf club.

Fortunately enough for the users, the inclusive applications are all pretty simple to use. In addition to that, the applications also come with an intuitive user-friendly interface. Also, with those applications, users will have the power to change the color of the ball as they wish.

However, in order to use the Sphero Ball, users will have to make sure that their mobile phone runs either the iOS from Apple or the Android operating system from Google. If you own a Sphero Ball running on iOS or Android, you are invited to share your user experience!

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