Sprint Announces the Availability of 4G LTE in Five Cities

HTC EVO 4G LTEMany of you probably have a 4G LTE device but still waiting on the networks to become available in your area. This issue is not only a problem with Sprint, but companies such as Verizon, T-Mobile and AT&T are still trying to handle the huge influx of 4G LTE demand. Sprint just announced that they will have full network availability for 4G LTE in San Antonio, Dallas, Atlanta, Houston and Kansas City. The networks will be fully up and running on its Sprint towers by mid July. With the new rush the company is getting from a wide variety of 4G prone devices, it has to do something to keep up with all the demand.

The Samsung Galaxy S III along with the Google Nexus devices will be boasting for 4G LTE coverage and Sprint is hoping to dive into a larger market just in time for the release and activation of said devices. Samsung has said its device would be available with Sprint on July 1, so that leaves about fifteen days for people to wait to get on the fastest wireless network offered by Sprint.

As of now, the 4G LTE devices that are raking up sales at Sprint include the HTC EVO, Galaxy S III, LG Viper, Galaxy Nexus and Sierra. Throughout the coming months, Sprint will be establishing new coverage zones across the states.

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