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Starters Guide to Search Engines Optimization

Search engines optimization is a crucial for your website or business performance, that’s why every webmaster or entrepreneur who wants to expand his business to the world wide web should know everything about the basics of the art of optimizing websites and businesses for the search engines. You can find detailed information and techniques on how to improve your business performance in the search engines optimization section.

In addition of that you may consider these points to achieve a high rank in the search engines results pages:

What is the specificity of SEO?

SEO aims to target a sustainable and effective positioning of a web page based on keywords that are the most suitable results in natural / organic search engines, not within sponsored results as those are an advertising campaign.

Ideas to get links to your website

If you own a commercial site, it is difficult to get links without having to pay. A good idea to work around this problem is to create other blogs and websites in conjunction with your commercial internet proprety. Another good idea is to write a press release detailing your business and what you offer, search for “press releases” on the Internet, and you’ll find many places where you can publish your content with a link back to your commercial website for free. In your blogs, try to write quality content and link to other bloggers in your niche, that way you’ll spread the word and ask them to review your commercial website, you may think that’s hard but it works!

Structure and content of your site for better ranking

When designing your site, you need to think about its indexing of search engines. There are some points to be observed for better visibility, you must implement all the practices to make the code more readable. It is important to prioritize the contents using design patterns in <DIV> while combining with the CSS. Remember to use the appropriate HTML tags such as <H1> …. <H5> and so on.. And don’t forget to register a domain name that can facilitate the indexing of your site by choosing relevant keywords that characterize your field in the domain name.

Search for keywords

Keyword highlight the theme and category of your site. Before the creation of your site, it’s important to identify the search terms and the existing competitor on the same subject. Be sure to choose terms with low competition. To do this use the tools available on Google or other software such as Market Samurai. You can also find the Google Insights for Search a very informative tool.

Write an ebook

The concept of writing an ebook is very interesting and can be considered as a very brilliant idea. Offering in your website an informative ebook which provides free information to improve performance in your niche is master step to get more authority, backlinks and free visits.

Humanitarian side

Having a non-profit organization which you share a percentage of your sales with it, will surely help you getting more sales and links to your website. Customers appreciate this kind of approach and likes to share this humanitarian side with their friends and family.

Web 2.0 propreties

Web 2.0 sites such as social networks are booming, and you should benefit from these links by adding your website to different web 2.0 propreties like Twitter, Facebook and so on.. (for example, feel free to create Tweet about promoting your pages).

Create Traffic Through Photos

More and more people are using search engines, including the “images” to access information. To grasp certain concepts, an image can be clearer than a long text, you must have content that’s directly related to your images. When you download images from the Internet or you take them instantly from your computer, consider changing the name, if you work in the niche “Dog Power”, it is preferable that the name of your image is “food-dog.jpg “instead of” DSC000494911840.jpg”. Finally, set a clear and precise description of the photo in the ALT tag. Just a reminder, although the use of graphics is a great way to drive traffic, pay attention to the use of the images, check if it is copyrighted. Do not attempt to steal the intellectual property of others.

Choose a good SEO software

There are many softwares on the Internet that allow you referencing, submitting your website to hundreds of search engines and directories. Faced with this multitude of softwares, here are some features that can help you in your choice.

  • The interface must be simple and convenient especially for the uninitiated to SEO. It should be easy to create and manage a new project.
  • If you manage several websites, it’s advantageous to submit multiple websites from one account quickly and easily.
  • Frequency: The software should allow you to submit your website every month or at a frequency that you have defined. In fact if your website is updated regularly, make sure that search engines frequency to visit your website is often like once a week to update their databases.
  • Reports: A detailed report must be available for consultation, and should even be printable. The detailed report allows you to measure and track all your campaigns submissions to various search engines for each website.
  • The software should allow you to have the right tools to promote your website. They may be searching for keywords to evaluate your site. Some simulators have robots that can see your website as if it were a search engine. So you can take the opportunity to correct errors on your web pages.

Internet marketing

Sometimes, the best way to drive customers to your busiess website where you offer products or services for sale is to use the power of the Pay Per Click (PPC) system, thanks to that you only pay if a potential customer clicks to visit your website. Thus, solutions to improve the visibility of a website are available for every need and every budget, and don’t hesitate to contact me if you need a customized advice.

The Internet world is changing everyday, that’s why the process of search engines optimization can’t be done in one step, every webmaster should maintain the optimization and promotion of his/her projects in order to keep competing with others in your niche.

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