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Steps to Follow to Select the Right Webhost

After you plan and design your website, register the right domain name, the next important step is to find the right web host for it. Though there are a number of free platforms such as, Blogger, WordPress or Freewebs available, it is always advisable to have your own paid hosting account. If you start your website/blog as a hobby, then it is OK to have a free platform. But if it is intended for your online business, then it is recommended to have a paid and cheap web hosting.

A web host is a service provider who is responsible for placing the web site online. The web host has also to ensure that the website is always available to it’s visitors. The following points should be considered before selecting your web host:

Bandwidth and diskspace

Bandwidth and disk space are the two points which are to be considered first. Disk space is the space provided by your webhost for storing the different pages, images and other files of your site. If you plan to use a lot of audio and video files then you need a lot of disk space. While planning your disk space requirement, you should also keep in mind the future expansions of the site and if you want to enter the web hosting business, you may need a Windows reseller hosting.


The web host should provide hosting for unlimited domains and sub-domains.

Mail, MySQL etc.

The web host should provide sufficient capacity for mail, MySQL and FTP accounts. Keeping an eye to future expansions, sufficient mail space is required. For file uploading, you may need different FTP accounts. The web host should support all the
programming languages used by you. If necessary, it should also support some e-commerce activities.

Having full control over your account

You should have full control and access to your account.

Easy installation through control panel

The system should be such so that various open source software can be installed by a single click on the control panel.


The hosting company should have a good support system. It should offer both mail and phone support. You can check the reputation of the company by searching in Google.

Money back guarantee

The hosting company should offer a money back guarantee for at least one month.

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