Storm the Train: A Mayhem Filled Adventure

Storm the Train iPhone GameThis iPhone app by Chillingo Ltd is a hotheaded punchy adventure. I mean, who doesn’t fancy a good dollop of rip-roaring anarchy while racing around on the roof top of a moving train, right?

The first thing you gotta love about Storm the Train are the cool graphics. The game’s graphics are unbelievably crisp and sharp, and already optimized for the bigger iPhone 5 screen. The punchy soundtrack also gets the mood going – you just feel like shooting things up!

You can choose from 3 different agents. Each one has their own unique talents. The agent with the most health is Mason, but he’s also the slowest. Then there’s Carrera who has the least health, but she also happens to be the fastest. The most balance of the three is Graham, with an equal proportion of speed and health. You can upgrade the characters with coins that you’re able to earn as you play through the levels.

Select a character and watch them drop onto a train out of a helicopter. Your mission has begun! You can move your character horizontally, jump and fire your weapon. You can execute a double jump by tapping the jump button rapidly twice. This is handy for avoiding enemies and jumping to another train. You also have a variety of weapons as play progresses.

Each level has a swarm of enemies out to kill you, so you have to get them before they get you. And watch out, some of them regenerate to come back at you a second time. Once you’ve completed a level you can jump on the next train.

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