Super High Quality 3D Maps Available on Google Earth 7.0

Google Earth 7.0Even when we’re not out searching the maps, Google seems to be several steps ahead of us as they strive to provide the highest quality maps with super good precision. During the Google keynote, we heard information about the new map update for Android so we took the time to check it out. The new Google Earth 7.0 update is quite the catch, as you get to see some big cities in the utmost quality possible. These 3D images of the cities are so clear; it looks like you’re actually just looking over it!

Some of the 3D mapping elements includes life-like landscaping, buildings, trees, skyscrapers and even cars. The number of cities with this high quality 3D map feature is still limited, but Google expects to have this service available for all the major cities across North America. As of now, we were able to see Tampa Bay, Los Angeles, Boston, Santa Cruz, Rome, San Diego, Portland, San Antonio and Long Beach.

3D Maps Google Earth

With the recent news that Apple would be scrapping the Google Maps application on their device, Google got a little motivated to push things with their 3D mapping technology. Not only do you get to zoom in close to the cities highest skyscrapers, but you get to do so in the highest quality possible. All we can do is just wait to see what Apple brings up with its new map technology.

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