Super Secret iPhone Features

No doubt, iPhone is the most useful device that is currently available in mobile market. It has thrown its competitors back due to its bundle of amazing features. There are a lot of functionalities that you cannot even envisage. This is simple on the outer surface but Secret iPhone featurespacked with a lot of hidden features. In this article you will get to know some super secret iPhone features. If you are an iPhone user, then you must check these amazing hidden features and maybe you are not familiar with some of these even after using your iPhone for so long. Have a look!

Tap the status bar to move to the top:
May be you did not check your tweets for several hours or you have read the complete article and now you are at the bottom of the page. In many cases, you want to go on top portion of any page. So if you tap your finger on the statues bar located at top of screen then you will move back to top of the page. This is very simple trick but it may quite your annoyance.

Press home ad sleep buttons together to take a screenshot:
You might wonder that how the software reviewers capture the photos of applications even without the screen glare. Tap one finger on home button and one on the sleep button at the same time. After doing this, you will hear the sound of camera shutter. As a result, your screen will be saved in to the camera roll.

Hold home and sleep buttons together to reboot your iPhone device:
It does not occur mostly but it is possible that your iPhone might freeze up. To get rid of this situation, press the Home button and then sleep button without releasing the home button until the screen of iPhone goes black and shows the logo of Apple.

Tap shift and drag:
This is really nice feature and once you learn this trick, you will love to use it. Tap shift button and then drag your finger to the letter that you want make capital. Now release your finger and you will see the capital format. This characteristic works better when you are dealing with punctuation. Simply substitute Shift with switcher key “123/ABC”. Once you have inserted your punctuation, you will be moved back to alphabetical keyboard.

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