Swipe the Deck: Poker Game

Swipe the Deck by ChillingoSwipe the Deck by Chillingo Ltd merges match-three game play with poker, so you can combine card tiles in order to make pairs, or three of a kind, or four of a kind, including a flush, also a full house, and even more.

To start with, you have to connect your game with Facebook in order to generate a guest account. Because I rarely allow apps to connect through my Facebook account, I opted for the guest option. However, if you’re planning to challenge your Facebook friends, then it would be best to choose that option.

Now, to the game: It starts with a tutorial, to show you the ropes. Because it’s a match-three game, it means you can slide your fingers to match the tiles. I’m guessing you already know how to play poker, so you’ll figure out the rules pretty quick. If you don’t know how to play poker it’s still pretty easy to learn since the game itself will teach you.

Before you begin an official game, make sure you learn the rules since you can’t access them once the game begins which is a bit of an irritation. Okay, so you play Swipe the Deck with an opponent. You can choose one either through Game Center or Facebook, or pick a random challenger.

The games have 3 rounds and last for 2 minutes. The aim is to achieve a high score. You do this by creating the best matches. Like poker, the big scoring matches are straights, flushes, as well as full houses. The object is to score higher than your opponent to earn poker chips. If you like card games, and especially poker, you’ll like this one.

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