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2017 Social Media Predictions
Internet Marketing

2017 Predictions for Social Media Marketers

Many Internet marketers thinks that social media marketing is just a craze or a trend which will disappear with time. Others claims getting cheap traffic from social media doesn’t worth the effort and may badly affect your brand or…


Advertising Mantra through Gifts

For those who serve the giant corporate are quite familiar with the idea of corporate gifting. Gifts and presents are a sweet of saying you are special and important to us, that is the general idea behind gifting people.…


Advertising through Coffee Mugs

The strong and explicit branding of PETA, an NGO which believes in fighting for animal rights and vegetarianism has managed to strip many top notch actors and models to promote its cause and beliefs. The advertisements definitely turn heads…


Print Media Advertising: Posters and Banners

A place where you would spend most of the time in a day or any given day must be idyllic and suit your taste or else living in could be more of a compromise than a choice. Hence these…

Make Money Online

Ways to Earn Money from Websites

The primary goal of any webmaster is to earn money from his website. There are two types of websites: E-Commerce websites and informational websites. E-Commerce websites earn money from various e-commerce activities whereas informational websites can earn money through…