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Apple 2017 Macbook vs Microsoft Surface Laptop

2017 Apple Macbook vs Microsoft Surface Laptop

Apple announced a serie of upgrades from the MacBook series to the WWDC, and includes the Kaby Lake chips that are supposed to allow the laptop line to be in tune with offers offered by competitors including Microsoft ,…


New Mac OS Sierra Review

Apple announce the death of OS X, however they predict a long life to Mac OS with the launch of the new version of their latest software Sierra. Any Mac machine from late 2009 can download or upgrade for…


Google Added Chrome to Apple Devices

The Google Chrome web browser has seen an unbelievable level of growth over the past two years, as Google estimates the numbers to be roughly three hundred percent. Google just announced in their 2012 keynote that they have done…


Apple’s iPhone Continuous Innovation

In January 2007, Apple launched the first iPhone and made it available in the market. Tthis amazing device is just like the palmtop computer, it was so cool tha time to have a cell-phone like the iPhone! You can…


iPad & iPhone Put iOS Way Ahead in Mobile OS War

During Apple first quarter 2012, Cook said that he firmly believes that the iOS in Apple’s iPhone device is the major component for the Company future. Moreover, he made it clear that success behind the two powerful Apple devices…