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Five Awesome Applications for The iPad

The iPad is the world’s number one tablet. It is a masterful mix of technology and style. Here are five apps for the iPad that are considered awesome. Visualization Explorer The first is an app by NASA, the United…


Bills on your Table iPhone Application Review

Nowadays, it can be rather troublesome to keep track of all our bills at a regular basis. Recently, Powerybase has launched an iPhone app that will help you organize and manage all of your bills in one place. This…


Exfm iPhone Application Review

Extension Entertainment Inc. has recently launched the exfm app for the iPhone and iPod Touch. This app is basically the mobile version of website. For those of you that are not familiar with, it is basically a…


Weather Doodle iPhone Application Review

For a lot of people weather can be a very important variable of their lives. Weather can affect our daily routines, the way we dress and even our mood or how we feel. Some people automatically check the weather…


GroceryList iPhone Application Review

Helium Foot Software has introduced a new grocery list app for the iPhone and iPod touch called GroceryList. This app was tailor made for people that live busy and hectic lives. It is an efficient way to have your…