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Five Most Common Traits of Successful Bloggers

What does it take for one to succeed in blogging? Are there any secrets to blogging that one should develop or discover? The answer may differ upon each blogger’s views and opinions. Even so, it can be observed that…


Why Do People Blog?

Many people blog nowadays. A great percentage of internet users maintain a blog, majority of them even have multiple blogs. The niches range from how-to tips, health, online marketing, sports, travel, product reviews, blogging, online diaries and the most…

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Adsense Tips for Bloggers

I received many mails and even comments from my blog readers asking me to share some tips on how to maximize the adsense revenue. Here we go some simple tips that will help you to get more clicks and increase…

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Extra Income via Articles Marketing

Many bloggers and webmasters simply overlook article marketing as a way to promote their sites. If you want to make money online, this is an outstanding method to get you moving in the right way. Every blogger who wants to make…