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Financial Turmoil & The Economic Crisis

The first credit crunch was first recognised in 2007 but the origins of the problem date back to 2004 when U.S interest rates took a steep rise. People who could just manage to pay their mortgages before the interest…


How did the Economy Go Bad?

How did the economy went bad? Low interest rates, assurance of mortgage brokers, stock market losses and the USA electoral campaigns are essential factors on how the economy went bad. This chart will explain and clarify everything: What surprised me…


Truck Driving Jobs in the Present Recession

A decent income will always come your way from a truck driving job. It should be sufficient for you and your family, as long as the company you are working with is the right one from the many companies…

Tips to survive recession

7 Tips to Survive a Recession

Cash is the key Try to use cash rather than credit cards or loans. Even debit cards are not good to use to purchase items during a recession. Recession sufferer don’t have extra cash on hand in case the…