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Apple 2017 Macbook vs Microsoft Surface Laptop

2017 Apple Macbook vs Microsoft Surface Laptop

Apple announced a serie of upgrades from the MacBook series to the WWDC, and includes the Kaby Lake chips that are supposed to allow the laptop line to be in tune with offers offered by competitors including Microsoft ,…


An Overview of Internet Explorer 9

Although the next version of Internet Explorer is far from the final stage and also its competitors, Microsoft launched a preview site and a platform for Internet Explorer 9. In the lines below we see which are the main…


Various Editions of Windows 7

The Microsoft has come up with a new version of their operating system known as Microsoft Windows 7. The Microsoft Windows 7 is better than its predecessors in many aspects. It has better interface and it has improved visual…


How to Get Windows 7

Windows 7 is the new version of Microsoft Windows. This is version number 6.1. You get many advanced features with this version of Windows. It may not seem a major improvement over the Windows Vista, but it does have…


A Common Man Review of Windows 7

Windows is a premium operating system which is used all around the world by many. It is used by the businessmen in the corporate world because of its excellent corporate solutions and it is used at home by the…