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Top 10 Upcoming Best Movies to See in 2012

This year, 2012 is a big year for movies industry, it’s the beginning of big films being directed by world renowned directors. Get excited and be ready with your popcorn this 2012 to see one of the best movies…


Top 10 Crazy Horror Movies

A lot of movie-goers still opt to watch something crazy that’s why they want a thriller, horror or a crazy psycho-killer movie. Listed below are the top 10 crazy movies in 2011. 1. Seasons of the Witch This horror…


New Movies of 2009

Who doesn’t like to go to the movies? If you’re like me you are a big movie buff and anticipate the day a long awaited movie finally appears at your local movie theater. If you are a big movie…


How to Play Movies on your iPhone

The Apple iPhone is an incredible piece of technology and a brilliant follow up to the equally successful iPod. The iPhone is packed full of great applications including the ability to view movies on your mobile phone. If you…