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Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Officially Announced

There’s no doubt about it. The Samsung Galaxy S3 is a superb smartphone but it would be nicer if it would have a compact version. Of course, this will give those who are not so fond of phones with…


Samsung Galaxy S III Hits Sprint on July

Over the past three years, Samsung has dived deep into the tech world to jump over the overwhelming demand for its Galaxy S smart phone. The phone that started off with a small release has now been praised to…


Android Phones vs iPhone 4S iOS 5

The increasing demand of Apple’s iPhone 4S is understandable as it is giving fastest dual core processor, Siri voice control assistance and amazing 8 megapixel camera. Today the top Android mobile phone such as the Samsung Galaxy 11, give…


Samsung Galaxy SII Complete Specifications and Review

Among the smart phones which are rocking the market today, the Samsung Galaxy S11 reigns supreme. It is technical offspring to the previously acclaimed Samsung Galaxy S. The Samsung Galaxy SII made its debut in February 2011 at the…


Samsung Series 9 Laptop Review

Easily the most gorgeous machine on test, with a curved chassis that weighs in at just 1.3kg and measures just 19mm at its thickest. The Series 9 is made of the duralumin, same material used in fighter jets, but while…