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Asus Router Supports Wi-Fi 802.11ac: RT-AC66U

ASUS has announced the release of a new model of high-performance router RT-AC66U, having the support of standard Wi-Fi connection of the fifth generation – 802.11ac (5G Wi-Fi). Recall that standard has several advantages compared to common standards, which…


How to Do Video Conferencing through Android Applications

Our technology has attained such an optimum level where people can communicate with each-other by using versatile option of video conferencing. However, there are various Android applications which can be utilized for that purpose but still people should go…


PS Vita Play and Connect No Matter Where You Go

Announced for the very first time in January 2011, the PlayStation Vita has now come to life. More popularly known as the PS Vita, handheld gaming device is designed to be the manufacturer’s next generation gaming system that is…


How to Extend Laptops Wi-Fi Range

There are simply too many generic Wi-Fi tips suggesting that if you are having trouble getting an acceptable Wi-Fi signal, you need to move closer to the access point. Of course, this is the most obvious and the most…


Technology and Advantages of Laptops

The popularity of the laptop computer is ironic and it is a pinnacle nowadays, because these computers were put in to huge usage in various applications. We cannot think a world without computers as we know that from a…