Technology and Advantages of Laptops

The popularity of the laptop computer is ironic and it is a pinnacle nowadays, because these computers were put in to huge usage in various applications. We cannot think a world without computers as we know that from a school children to the great research professors were using these kinds of computers. Probably there will not be any field without the usage of these computers. Laptops even dominate the desktops in the present scenario due to the latest and modern technique embedded in a compact and portable manner. These kinds of advantages make the whole world to focus on laptops.


Laptops have a very short history of about 27 years starting from 1981 the first commercially portable computer named as OSBRONE till the latest and trendy laptops .Only the duration is short where as the technologies used in these laptops make a drastic change in the science and technology.

Technology Used In Laptops

On the basis of security, technologies play an important role in laptops. For example voice recognizer- in which the voice of the user is recognized, Irish recognizer in which the Irish of the user will be recognized, thumb recognizer which the thumb print of the user is recognized and there are many more technology up to Human brain interaction are being implemented in the laptop. Thus these are the technologies used in laptops regarding the authentication and security.

Laptops technology

One of the another most important reason why laptop is widely used is due to LCD (liquid crystal display) .Most of the LCD screens measure between 12 and 17 inches nowadays, laptops even dominate desktops through LCD display one of the main reason is CRT (cathode ray tube) monitors affects the eyesight of human being where as LCD display overcome this problem .But there is also a demerit in the LCD screens (i.e.) you can see the screen clearly only when the LCD is at an angle of 900 .

Another advantage is the storage technology, nowadays user can store their data in laptops ,as thin high capacity hard disk drives with more reliability and with low power consumption is being used in laptops .we can also take the data’s from the laptop through CD’s, floppies, pen drives, pocket hard disks etc.. As it has CD/DVD drives, floppy drives, usb port .Even we can transfer the data through blue tooth and infrared rays.

Internet plays a major role nowadays, laptop take internet as its advantage based on technology, because in laptops regarding the internet connectivity starting from the internal modem, serial and parallel ports with the addition of network adaptor, USB till WI-FI makes the laptop more popular and user friendly. Nowadays in many laptops there is a build in 3g broadband wireless modems .Anyway this not the end of technologies used in laptops

In this fast growing world it becomes necessary to have a laptop. In the past few years the usage of laptops increased among students and business people, even laptops are called as note book computer .Laptops is also less cost effective .

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