Tecktonik: A Dance or a Lifestyle?

Tecktonic is not a new style. It was appeared in France in 2000, in Paris in a nightclub called Metropolis. And has grown in popularity through word of mouth and the internet. Tecktonik was featured prominently at the 2007 Paris Techno Parade on September 15.

Also known as “TCK”, “Vertigo” and “Milky Way”, the Tecktonik is a form of dance based on a blend of hip hop and techno styles. It borrows heavily from elements of glowsticking, and hip hop dance moves including popping and locking, vogueing and wacking.

Here’s something interesting about Tecktonik. Did you know it is a registered trademark? Well, this is the first time a dance is protected in this way. It is registered to a French man nammed Cyril Blank. Also, the creators of Tecktonik sell official products, such as clothes, CDs, energy drinks, etc.

There are many famous Tecktonik musicians as DJ Dess, RV. B, Deepack, Max B. Grant, Miss Hiroko and lately David Guetta and Dirty South. Also there are many Tecktonik dancers include Lecktra, Vavan, Spoke, Boobiz, the members of SMDB, Maestro, Treaxy, Jey-Jey, and others !

There are some typical dress for Tecktonik dancers as the tight-fitting jackets and slim-fit jeans. Dancers also move to have “futuristic”, sometimes even gothik hair cuts and wear makeup designs such as a star around one eye. It is popular at Gay Pride events in France, notably at the event in Nantes and Lyon in June 2007. Tecktonik style borrows heavily from cyberpunk. The neon colors on shirts are linked to the London Nu Rave fashion scene.

Nowadays, if you want to stand out at a nightclub you have to practice some of this moves at home in front a mirror, and then let it rock at a club ! I’m sure you will get tons of reactions, positive and negative and who knows what it can lead to?

Most of teenagers like the Tecktonik, a heavy part of old people hate it! How about you?

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