Textalert Plus iPhone App Review

Textalert seemed to be developed specifically for people that wished to be able to modify their SMS text messaging system on a timer. In essence this app takes your default SMS service and takes it to another level. Users now can schedule alerts and notifications to be sent directly to their inbox free of charge as long as they are alerting a local (domestic) number. You can download this app from the App Store for just $0.99.

It is simple to use Textalert to create reminders and notifications for yourself or someone else through SMS text messaging. Simply launch the app and located on the bottom of the screen are options that include New Alert, Alert, About and Settings. To make a new alert simply tap on the New Alert tab. Begin by adding the specific telephone number you wish the text to be sent to, you can manually input it yourself or take it from your personal contact list. Next you simply type in your message including the time and frequency you wish to send it. Users are given 160 characters to type in their message box including a huge selection of expressive icons and smiley faces that will give users flexibility to express whatever they wish clearly. After you do this, the alert will automatically be listed inside the Alerts list. Users are given an unlimited amount of Textalerts and this allows users to do silly things with this app such as setting a Textalert to any of your friends at midnight just to tease them. When you tap on the About section, you are presented some information about the app plus contact information of the developer so it is possible to give feedback. Also when you enter the Settings section, users can make a username, input their telephone number, their current time zone and also modify the login options.

Even though there are countless of calendar and organizer apps for the iPhone this app is still quite unique. Most people have a tendency to check their SMS inbox that to check their calendar or to do list app. The fact that Textalert reminds and alerts you with an SMS is much more effective to get things done. Even if we are in an important meeting and our iPhone vibrates indicating a new message, we are always tempted to check it. Plus this app is very useful for forgetful people since they can be reminded constantly.

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