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The Art of Marketing

Marketing is a process of planning and execution of marketing products. It is a service to create exchange between the organization and individuals. It is the process of involving possible customer and client on your products. The keyword marketing refers to process. It involves the process of selling, researching, promoting and distributing of products and their services. Marketing is also called as creative industry which involves advertising, distribution and selling. It is the only industry which satisfies the customers future needs and wants through the discovery of marketing. It is a huge topic which has number of books written on marketing which takes two to four year to complete your marketing degree. The first definition for marketing is what your customer needs and what you give them and it is the invisible way

Marketing is a process of creating and developing the organization through selling and advertising of their products and servicing the people not only to desire and also to buy their products. Therefore good marketing must be able to create a preposition or a set of benefits for the customer that delivers value through products and service. When you are putting together a marketing program for your business we should concentrate in the marketing basics and four important keys of marketing plan such as products and service, promotion, distribution and pricing. The specialist area of marketing include advertising and branding, communication, database marketing, direct marketing, global marketing, internet marketing, industrial marketing, international marketing, marketing plan, strategy marketing, market research, public relation, search engine marketing etc.

It is the process by which the products and services are introduced to the market place. It focuses on developing a close relationship between the customers. It is an activity of business to introduce the products or service for the customer in such a way to make them eager to buy. It also includes the matter of price, packing of the material or product, manufacturing demand and also the movement of products in the market.

Types of Marketing

There are two types of marketing they are planned marketing and operational marketing. The planned marketing decides how an organization fights with its opposite organization in the market place. Its only aim is to produce a competitive advantage relating to its competitor. An operational marketing is the function of marketing which attracts the customer and keeps the customer as regular. It maximize the value derived from them customer and satisfies the customer’s expectation by meeting them with on time service. It also determines the increase of marketing mix.

Steps for Successful Marketing

The steps for a successful marketing includes the implementing of organizations plan, forming out how to act on the opportunities, analyzing the customer, environmental opportunities and identifying those opportunity keys and needs of more profitable customer.

Industrial Marketing

The word industrial marketing also defines as business to business marketing. It is the process of marketing goods from one industry to other industry. The term industry relates to heavy machinery, mining construction etc., the industrial marketing does not relates to the activities based on machines. The industrial marketing is divided into customer marketing and business marketing. It is otherwise called as organization marketing. An organization which is based on the business marketing will buy the products and sell it for satisfying price. It is very important for the marketing manager to understand the concept of industrial marketing, only then he can provide a proper guidance for the development of new products. The scholars from different parts of the world offer the latest findings, improvement and efficiency of industrial marketing. This approach keeps the readers to improve the quality of product and helps them to think which is necessary for better industrial marketing.

The industrial marketing was established in the year 1998. It was established to provide highest level of service on industrial maintenance at compensative prices. To control the compensative prices, the industrial marketing organizers provide your company with complete control of industrial maintenance by reducing the paper work and increase the administration needed for maintaining your industry. The industrial goods marketing are different from the marketing of consumer goods and this can be applied to any organization, business and other institutions. It may also require different marketing strategies which is been not used in marketing of consumer goods.

Business To Business Marketing (B2B)

This is one of the types of industrial marketing. Selling complex product requires an approach which is completely different form the emotion-based marketing technique. It is used by the multi-billion dollar companies to sell the products. As a result of this there is an insufficiency of marketing managers to plan, execute and for selling their company products. The nature of this marketing is conversation between the seller and the customer. Some of the important features of B2B marketing are it is easy for the seller to identify a prospective customer and to build a face-to-face relationship, increased value of purchase and more over the price of the product is decided by the team and not by a single person. In this type of marketing the buying and selling process is complex in some stages such as requesting for tender, selling process etc. An example for B2B marketing is a sales representative makes an appointment with small organization that employe 22 people. He demonstrates for an office administrator to buy their product.

Business to Customer Marketing

This is the second type of industrial marketing. The nature of this type of marketing is one-to-many marketing. It is the lower value of purchase. The decision making is quite often impulsive and we have to put more effort for marketing. It requires high degree of distribution and field for selling products.

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