Canon PowerShot A640

If you’re in the market for a new and exciting digital camera and are clueless as to where to start, consider buying the camera described as “bursting with creative options” from Canon-the PowerShot A640. This camera boasts ten megapixels, and yet won’t drain your bank account.

Professional photographers and photography teachers use this wondrous camera as their camera for everyday use due to the high quality of pictures taken by this camera. The PowerShot A640 takes pictures that print exceptionally well when printed on 11×14 photo paper. If you’re frequently printing the pictures you take, the PowerShot A640 is ideal for you.

Canon Powershot A640 Overview

This ten megapixel camera has digital zoom with 4x optical zoom. The maximum focal length of this camera is 29.2 mm, with a minimum of 7.3 mm. The minimum shutter speed is fifteen seconds. If that seems slow, remember the maximum shutter speed is 1/2500 of a second. Take your perfect shot in a fraction of a second with the PowerShot A640! All pictures produced are in the versatile and high-quality JPEG format.

If you’re a pro or a beginner at photography, the Canon PowerShot A640 can be at your level. This camera has both manual and automatic focusing. In addition, you can use the programmed, manual, automatic, shutter priority, and aperture priority exposure settings. These settings will guarantee great shots regardless of the level of light. On the back of the camera is a 2.5 inch LCD screen with zoom capabilities, so you can view your picture with clarity before connecting to a computer.


Relatively average in size with a height of 2.6 inches, width of 4.3 inches, and 1.9 inches deep, this camera weighs eight ounces. The PowerShot A640 has a self-timer and frame video mode to make it easy for the user to include him or herself in the picture. The camera is equipped with 32 MB of memory, and can be used with SD memory cards, MultiMediaCard memory, and SDHC memory cards. Included in the box is a wrist strap, USB cables for easy connection to a computer, and an A/V cable.

Most people who purchase a PowerShot A640 are content with their camera. Of course, a few point out that certain features are only available at an extra cost-such as image stabilization, a RAW setting, and information in the viewfinder. If these things are important to you, then the additional cost of adding them is a pittance.


Some users wish that their camera took higher-quality photos in low-light situations. It’s important to remember that most cameras have a hard time doing wide angles and close-ups with very little light due to the nature of photography. Other users are unhappy with the placement of the wrist strap. Yet there are no reports from Canon of customers needing to replace the A640 due to damage or defects.

If this sounds like a camera you want, and if you believe the high recommendations of other content customers using the A640, go out and buy one today. The Canon PowerShot A640 sells for about $300.

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