The Future of PSP Games

The technological advances that have taken place in recent years have allowed for hand held console to be one of the most popular forms of entertainment. Sony released the PSP with a whole range of games that originate from their popular playstation counterparts. This is the reason why the hand held PSP games console has been so successful and will continue to be so in the future.

The Future Of The Sony PSP

The high budget PSP games appear to be based on popular playstation games. This includes the Final Fantasy series, Metal Gear Solid series and many others. PSP games in the future will therefore follow the same pattern. This is due to the risk factors that involve in making PSP games. You know that when you make a game, which is based on a game series like Final Fantasy, you know that it will sell in large amounts almost just because of the history of the games that have come before it. Therefore with some certainty you can say that 5 years from now PSP games that people will buy will be very similar to today’s games. One possible difference will of course be in the graphics of the games. With the rapid improvement of technology every year you can assume that games 5 years from now will have much improved graphics. The only other difference might be the way in which the stories of PSP games are told. It is clear that as the computer gaming industry makes progress ever year, story telling will be a bit like that of movies. Like the new generation of the iPhone, so classic, so fashionable that downloading music into your iPhone will be so easy as eating cake.

Every once in a while a computer games production company decides to invest in a project and makes a high budget game. However this is a very risky move for any company to make. Games cost large amounts of money to make and if the game fails in the sales department then the computer games company could go broke. The problem with making PSP games is that the hand held console is still a very new form of entertainment. This is the reason why you will see most high budget games be based on a success that came out in recent years.

Popular Sony PSP Games

The gaming industry is still young. In the future I am sure there will be more competitors in this industry sector. You will therefore find that the quality of games will be a whole lot better. The frequency of the high quality games will also increase as more companies will take the risk to get into the gaming market, which can be highly profitable if you are making games like Final Fantasy and Metal Gear Solid. It is therefore a safe bet future PSP games will be on the whole, a lot better quality and graphically more attractive.

First person shooter games are extremely popular on all gaming platforms. Titles such as Advanced Warfighter and Call of Duty have been some of the most successful games. Future PSP games will likely be first person shooters. These type of games are relatively not that complicated to make and graphically they are at the high end of the gaming market. First person shooter games are made using the Unreal engine. This is basically a tool that allows first person shooter games to be made with relatively little resources. Psp games also make use of the Unreal engine. It can be expected that future games will be made from an advanced form of this tool.

Future Sony PSP Games

There has been some rumors that Sony plan to develop the their next hand held console in the near future. This is very good news for PSP owners. Whilst production of PSP games will slowly decrease, I am sure that Sony will make the next hand held console backward compatible. This means that you will be able to play PSP games on the next console. This will certainly improve the graphics and give you a large collection of games from the day it comes out.

Looking at the recent history of the gaming market it is very easy to predict that PSP games in the future will be considerably different, like with the PS vita. Just look at how short of a while ago people were playing Pokemon on the Gameboy. Since then hand held consoles have come a long way. This is obviously because of the significant advances in technology. However companies like Sony and Nintendo invest a large amount of the profits back into the development of new games. If this trend continues the future of PSP games looks very bright.

Not to forget, today you can watch movies on PSP, as horror movies 🙂 You can even browse the web as simple as that!

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    Graphics are great. PSP industry will just boom and boom

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    Personally, I think the PSP has had it’s peak, and will be something of history soon.

    It used to be a gimmick, but now I think it just bores people. With other consoles gradually rolling out, I think Sony should concentrate on creating a new console, rather than working with the PSP.

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