The Global Warming Debate: A Myth or Humanity

Global warming is a subject that has come under much scrutiny in the recent months. The ways that people are trying to cut down on using fossil fuels can only be beneficial to the environment, and there isn’t a way that anyone can deny this. But it is the reasoning behind the use of less fossil fuels that has been highly debated. This all comes under the whole global warming situation. Does using fossil fuels really cause the earth to warm up?

There is no doubt that the earth is warming up at all; this has been scientifically proven. But is it really because of the fact that cars, factories and houses are all using fossil fuels and releasing the emissions into the atmosphere?

One of the theories behind global warming is that it is natural, something that the earth does on its own, without the help of humans. This comes from the fact that throughout history there has been many huge climate changes. When the world came under the ice age, what warmed that back up? Was it cars releasing emissions? No. There were none. This must mean that there is some truth in that theory, in the fact that the earth does warm and cool naturally.

Whereas a lot of scientists and other people are claiming the global warming is caused solely by the human input of fossil fuel burning machinery. If this is true, then why did the earth warm up from the ice age? There are a lot of things that have to be taken into consideration before an answer can be found for this; the main problem is that people are either too lazy or arrogant to do anything about it.

There are a lot of schemes that have been introduced to try and help the planet; these include recycling, energy saving in the homes and electric cars. The main problem with the first two is the arrogance of people. There will always be people who think one less person recycling will not make a difference while this is true to some extent; it is not just one person that thinks this. There will be millions of people worldwide who have this same attitude, and thus will not even attempt to save the planet. The other problem is cost. Electric cars cost a considerable amount of money, and even if the release less emissions than their fuel combusting counterparts, they still use up fossil fuels through the generation of the electricity.

There will never be a single solution to stop climate change. There will also, in the near future at least, not be an answer to why it is happening, whether it is indeed due to humans, or whether the whole thing is a myth and is just the earth warming up again, whatever the answer is, people do still need to do their share of work to help the planet.

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