The History of Science

The history of science has been the history of man’s efforts to understand and control the world around him. When you read about the earliest years of history, you will notice how slowly things changed. In the beginning, man usually tried to control the world by magic. Then has began to use fire and make simples tools, like knives and pots, and tools for agriculture.

Much later – More than two thousand years later – the Greeks studied the world around them. They observed the universe and she clouds and the rain. They looked at the rocks, the rivers and the seas, and they tried to understand and explain them. Many of their ideas were right and are still accepted today.

Later, the Arabs translated, developed and added to Greek science. They built up a mass of scientific learning wich the West later received. Arab science entred Europe through Spain. Arabic books on astronomy, medecine and mathematics were translated into Latin so that European scientists could read them.

But it was not until the beginning of the sixteenth century that modern science was really born. Since then, science has developed more and more quickly. Some people say that, in the last thirty years, scientists have made more discoveries about the world than in the ten thousand years before.

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