The Most Popular Store in London

Harrods, London’s famous and unique large store, is not in Oxford Street – London’s busy shopping area – but on the other side of London in Knightsbridge.


It offers a good experience even for those who are not interested in shopping.

There are 4.000 staff at Harrods including 500 specialists from 72 different countries. Experts in almost every department advise on every aspect of the store’s 1.2 million goods and 50 separate services.

Many departments have their own separate advice desks to answer customer queries. Food advisors help you plan a menu for a special event, the banqueting department helps you arrange the catering for an important reception, and the wedding and celebration service advise you on buying a weeding gift. Perhaps you need a hair stylist or some clothes dry-cleaning. How about a sightseeing tour of the capital or a personal shopping advisor ?

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  • Never been there yet, but it is one of the busiest place in London.

    and also, one of the places I hate in London, too many people with traffic jam at 4pm on Sunday - Make me taking too much time to travel by bus.