The Nexus 7 Shipped with Jelly Bean at Only $200

Nexus 7 Jelly BeanOver the years, Google watched as dozens of tablets got into the mobile computing market and they clearly learned from all the flaws in the other devices. Google just launched their flagship tablet product, the Nexus 7, which is the first device to ship with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Being able to land such as great tablet for only two hundred dollars must be making you rethink whether you should buy it or not. The Kindle Fire was also sold at two hundred dollars, but it did not have all the fame and glory the Nexus 7 is going to deliver.

The low cost of the Nexus 7 is one thing to brag about, but the availability of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean is something you could consider writing home about. There are several great new features in Jelly Bean, which was far from available in ICS. The one thing we loved about the Nexus 7 is the ability to view maps offline. This would come in very handy, especially when you are on road trips and need to be using a mapping system. The Nexus 7 comes in at on 10.45mm in thickness and weighs about 12 ounces. The Kindle Fire is clearly thicker and heavier than the Nexus 7, which is something Google wanted to achieve.

Powering this wonderful tablet is a NVIDIA TEGRA 3 processor running at 1.3GHz, which works in combination with a total RAM of 1GB. Storage capacity on the Nexus 7 has been limited to either 8GB or 16GB, which comes at an additional cost of $50. The downside of the Nexus 7 is that there is no additional storage option, so you might want to consider the extra $50 for the 16GB model. Google hasn’t forgotten its signature features, which include gyroscope, Bluetooth, GPS and app marketplace. The Nexus 7 is by far the most anticipated tablets of the year, especially after the new iPad left us wondering what Apple has gotten itself into.

For the budget conscious buyer, the Google Nexus 7 will be the ultimate tablet for you, as it brings quality, performance and standards to a whole new level. The Android 4.1 powered tablet is expected to become available sometime in July.

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