The World’s Largest Flexible OLED Display: A Wonderful Innovation

OLED Flexible DisplayDivision of Flexible Display Center at Arizona State University reported that they managed to create the world’s largest full-color flexible OLED display. Its demonstration was held as part of the event SID Display Week in Boston.

In spite of the fact, that the display has a proud designation of “the largest in the world”, it’s actual dimensions are fairly modest. It’s diagonal is 7.4 inches. For the manufacturer of the device, a complex oxide thin film transistor (TFT) is used. On assurances of developers, thanks to the choice of the material manufacturing of flexible OLED displays of data, it is not too expensive, since manufacturers can make use of existing production facilities and invest more in building new production lines.

It is noted that the development of flexible displays was conducted jointly with scientists from the Army Research Labs. The purpose of development was to create full-colour flexible OLED display that can be applied to prepare thin, lightweight, flexible and very durable devices such as handheld computers on the wrist for the soldiers.

Information on the timing of commencement of new items on a massive scale is not reported. However, it is expected that this development will be used not only for the manufacture of devices for military use, but also in commercial products.

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