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Things You Should Never Do on Twitter

Since singing up with Twitter, I have worked on enhancing my presence as though my life depended on it. From being an active member, I have come to discover that there a number of methods which would make the chances of me following you much slimmer. While speaking with other tweeple (twitter people), I also realized that other people share my thoughts on the subject, so I created a list of tips of Twitter beginners.

Here is my list of 5 things that I tend to avoid on twitter:

1. Marketing bots

Do you do nothing but twitter about yourself your e-books, your programs, your that, your this, and how people can purchase your stuff with special coupons? Whatever the case, if you do anything similar to those just mentioned, people will be less inclined to follow you. If you are promoting something and send a direct message about an awesome product that can get me thousands of followers, you should at least have thousands of followers, as well just to prove your theory.

2. False link advertising

If you end up tweeting something similar to this: read this comprehensive article regarding the best places you can find in Brazil in a link that you send to others, it better have a list of great places that people can find in Brazil rather than links to adult websites, for instance.

3. No variety

Tweeting the exact same stuff over and over again all day is sooo uncool. Although it may not have been exactly like this, someone sent a series of useless tweets: Check out this shirt, look at this shirt, were you aware that a lot of people wear shirts? Believe it or not, they were selling shirts.

4. Porn links

Seriously, the minute an adult site link is found within a tweet, you will get unfollowed even if it clearly states that the link will send you to one. A lot of people simply aren’t interested in tweets like this.

5. Nothing original

People that do not come up with anything original are quote bots since that is all they do: tweet quotes. Several quotes may be good, but constantly sending them all day (sometimes repeatedly, for that matter) just no.

Additionally, tweets that aren’t active bug me as well. If a month has gone by since your last tweet, you will most probably get dropped by twitter. Everybody is allowed to follow a particular amount of people and if you are not active, why should we keep following you in place of somebody who is actually active and has interesting stuff to share?

So there’s my quick list of Twitter tips. In the end, you will not want to have reasons to stop following someone, but these would be my biggest reasons in doing so. What are yours?

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    Im a newbie on twitter..this tips gonna be useful 🙂

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