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Tips to Make Money Online with an Affiliate Site

You’ve probably heard a lot about affiliate programs, and how people make a lot of money promoting their products, and certainly you want to be a super-affiliate too. There are some tips to help you to get the maximum of revenue, but not ensure it, because it’s up to you to get things done correctly.

1/ You must learn some basic HTML and basic concepts on the implementation of a Web site. It’s not easy but it’s not that hard! If you rely on someone to do the job for you, you will not be able to get exactly what you want, you do not know what to do when things go wrong, and you end up spending money that you do not need to. Spend time to learn. It will be well worth the investment.

2/ I recommend music over books and other products, because you can listen to the clips of an entire album in few minutes and get a good enough feel for it to do a short review. If you have another topic that you’re passionate about, cool, but make sure to have a unique vision on the topic. People can get reviews about a lot of those consumer products anywhere. You need to give them reasons to come buy from your site.

3/ To get returning visitors, create a newsletter. Frequency should depend on how often you’re posting new content. Start with monthly, and when you business grow, go for the weekly plan.

4/ To collect some extra bucks, sign up for Google AdSense. It probably won’t generate a lot of revenue, but it’s free to sign up and completely effortless to maintain.

5/ Set reasonable expectations for earnings. If you’ve only invested $50, You’re going to make 10 to 15% on most products. To make $50 an hour, what you write have to generate $1000 worth of purchases.

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