Top 10 Celebrities Who Failed In Attempting Suicide

Celebrities don’t always live a good life. Their life becomes twisted to the extent that they want to end their lives. Their jobs can become demanding and they’ve got no strong support system. Their life is not easy, some celebrities managed to handle the pressure. Others just get into depression and try to commit suicide. Several succeeded in committing suicide. However, there are top 10 celebrities who failed in attempting suicide. These stars probably have nine lives to live because they managed to survive drug overdose and such. Listed below are top 10 celebrities who failed in attempting suicide.

Britney Spears Suicide1. Britney Spears

Britney Spears had undergone several major changes in her life. Sad to say, most of them were bad. Her career went down the drain and nobody wanted to buy her records. Her marriage was on the rocks. Her family were not there to support her during tough times. She attempted to end her life twice. She tried to end her life by hanging herself with a bed sheet.

Princess Diana Suicide2. Princess Diana

According to a book published by Andrew Morton, Princess Diana didn’t have a happy life. She was deeply troubled and tried to kill herself tons of times. It was reported that she tried to commit suicide when she was pregnant with her youngest son, William.

Jonathan Rhys-Meyers Suicide3. Jonathan Rhys-Meyers

You probably know Jonatahn Rhys-Meyers from HBO’s “The Tudors”. He is one of the main characters from “The Tudors”. His mental melt down drove him to habitual drinking. The serious drinking problem led him to a pill overdose. Apparently, he was rescued just in time.

Elton John Suicide4. Elton John

Elton John didn’t pull a Juliet. He didn’t try to commit suicide because of an impossible love. It was out of despair. A friend of Elton John found him lying unconscious with his head in the gas oven. Good thing his friend arrived just in time.

Eminem Slim Shady Suicide.5. Eminem

Imagine your spouse leaving you and took your kid along. You will probably get devastated. That’s how Eminem felt when Kim left him in the year 1996. He overdosed himself with Tylenol. Get this, he wasn’t famous at that time yet.

Elizabeth Taylor Suicide.6. Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor was the darling of the crowd. Her face could launch more than a thousand ships. Her beauty and fame didn’t make her life like a bed of roses. It was full of troubles and despair. Sleeping pills and excessive alcohol drinking made her feel numb. The worse thing that happened to her was when Richard Burton ended his relationship with her. She was totally crushed and decided to end her life with sleeping pills overdose. Good thing that someone came in the nick of time and managed to save her from death.

Fantasia Barrino Suicide7. Fantasia Barrino

American Idol winner Fantasia Barrino wasn’t every American’s idol when they found out she tried to commit suicide. If it hadn’t been for her manager, she would be dead by now. Overdose of aspirin and sleeping pills nearly killed her.

Owen Wilson Suicide8. Owen Wilson

The great-looking and charming Owen Wilson’s suicide attempt was a complete shocker. Fans had wondered why it happened.  He slashed his wrist to try to end his life. Apparently, death was averted when he was found by his brother. According to several reports, he tried to end his life when Kate Hudson broke up with him. It was also due to substance abuse.

Halle Berry Suicide9. Halle Berry

Halle Berry, famous for playing roles that no one can compare attempted to commit suicide by poisoning herself with carbon monoxide. This happened when David justice ended their relationship. Love can really kill a person. Thank God though because she had the will to stop attempting suicide. The thought of her mother finding her dead was enough reason to let her stop.

Drew Barrymore Suicide10. Drew Barrymore

She got addicted to drugs and alcohol at the age of 10. The famous child star Drew Barrymore committed suicide at a young age of 15. Having been introduced to drugs and alcohol at a young age led her to depression. In return, depression led her to kill herself. Fortunately, she was saved. Now, she’s living a good life with a very clean slate. She still managed to grow up normally.

We would have missed these people if their suicide attempts has been successful, don’t you think? Which one would you have missed the most?

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