Top 10 Crazy Horror Movies

Best Crazy Horor Movies 1A lot of movie-goers still opt to watch something crazy that’s why they want a thriller, horror or a crazy psycho-killer movie. Listed below are the top 10 crazy movies in 2011.

1. Seasons of the Witch

This horror movie is like no other. It had an unusual concept wherein Nicolas Cage portrayed a role of a medieval knight. He agreed to bring a witch to an abbey where her powers can be put to an end.

Best Crazy Horor Movies 22. The Rite

Expect a lot of exorcism adventures from this feel. This is not for the faint-hearted. The plot is about a young American priest that enrolled at a Vatican’s exorcist school. However, his doubts have placed him in the care of Anthony Hopkins.

3. The Roommate

It’s another crazy Single White Female movie. A psycho roommate is out at it again. Leighton Meester plays the psycho roommate who got too obsessed with Sara. However, it’s not the typical Single White Female movie because the setting is in freshman dorm.

4. Black Death

Black Death is an in-demand movie. It’s about a band of brothers on a journey to the apocalyptic medieval world. They are out to fight a necromancer who has ruled with the forces of darkness. You’re in a thriller because the necromancer was able to raise people from the dead.

5. The Resident

The movie is an all-star cast consisting of Hilary Swank, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Christopher Lee. Hilary Swank portrays a role of a doctor who moved into a tiny apartment in Brooklyn. Little did she know that her landlord was starting a dangerous obsession with her. She tries to fight for her life to get away from the sinister intentions of her landlord.

6. The Vanishing on 7th Street

Hayden Christensen always managed to make a movie one of the best of thrillers. He stars the movie The Vanishing on the 7th street. The entire power outage in Detroit has left everyone in fear. The plot is about a group of survivors on a journey to find a diminishing light source that will keep them safe.

7. The Red Riding Hood

Here’s a different kind of remake of the classic fairy tale, Red Riding Hood. There’s still the big bad wolf except he’s out to get every villager in town. The wolf would not disturb the town if only they can bring the girl with the Red Riding Hood as a sacrifice. This has got to be the best thriller for 2011.

8. Scream 4

Here’s another sequel of the Scream movie. It’s a frightening way to relieve the memories of one of the best horrifying thriller in the 1990s. The old cast is now joined the teens from the new generation making it more exciting. Now, everyone will wonder who’s going to kill Sidney Prescott this time.

9. John Carpenter’s The Ward

John Carpenter will be always known for his breath-taking, scream-worthy thrilling film. This time, the movie is focused on a woman who has amnesia. The woman is admitted in a psychiatric ward along with other demented your women. Slowly, the disturbed young women are killed one by one. Now, she has to find a way to get out of the psychiatric ward before she gets killed.

10. The Priest

The film is an adaptation from a TokyoPop comic book. It’s full of action, thrill and horror. The story revolves around a priest who turned against the church to hunt all murderous blood-sucking vampires. His drive began when his very own niece was kidnapped. The warrior priest wouldn’t stop hunting down the band of vampires not unless he finds his niece.

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