Top 10 Young and Fast Internet Billionaires

Quite surprisingly, more and more billionaires are young. Some of which do not have a MBA to boast. They do not even run a company that’s been operating for several decades. All the more, these young billionaires are not heirs to a family corporation.

These are fresh and young billionaires that earned their money quickly by the means of the Internet. They are the so-called masters of the Internet. The top 10 fresh, young and fast Internet billionaires will shock you. Here are some of the billionaires that made a huge presence online.

Michael Furdyk Internet Billionaire1. Michael Furdyk

Michael Furdyk started selling off his project at the tender age of 16. It took him about 2 years to get him where he is today. To begin with, he sold MyDesktop.com in 1999 which made him an instant millionaire.

This young handsome Canadian guy was determined to put his interest in computers into series successful online companies. His first business was his gateway to success. MyDesktop.com was the online computer-help service that was sold to internet.com. He was given a whopping $1 million.

Chad Hurley and Steve Chen Internet Billionaires2. Steven Chen and Chad Hurley

Thanks to these guys, millions of people are able to upload and share videos. These people were able to create YouTube together with Jawed Karim. Chen and Hurley were fed up with email providers. They weren’t able to share videos because the files were too big. Thus, they created YouTube.

It took them a year and 6 months to become billionaires. In October 2006, YouTube was bought by Google Inc. at a price of $1.6 billion. Currently, YouTube is operated as a supplementary of Google.

Ephren Taylor II Internet Billionaire3. Ephren Taylor II

Ephren Taylor became rich at the age of 16 which makes him the youngest African-American CEO. His success began when he started making videogames. His first business venture led to a partnership with his friend Michael Stahl. They came up with a job-posting website both for high school and college kids. GoFerretgo.com had earned its first million dollars at 17. He even had to hire his History teacher when the number of visitors to his website rose to 30,000 visitors.

Anand Lal Shimpi Internet Billionaire4. Anand Lal Shimpi

Anand Lai Shimpi was the creator of the website Anandtech.com It’s a tech website which showcases reviews on computer hardware. In 1997, he was able to earn more than $1.5 million from advertising revenues.

James Murray Wells Internet Billionaire5. James Murray Wells

The young 26 year old English Entrepreneur is the person behind Glassdirect.co.uk. He had this idea of establishing as an online retailer for reading glasses. It prompted him to do such business because he found out that it only took $7 to make reading glasses. Mind you, he used his college loan as his capital for the business. In its first year of operations, his business was able to sell over more than 22,000 pairs of glasses.

Anshul Samar Internet Billionaire6. Anshul Samar

Imagine, a 13 year old earning more money than a regular 26 year old employee. Anshul Samar, a middle school student, founded Elementeo. It is a game that teaches students about chemistry through fun card games. It is like one is playing with Magic: The Gathering or Pokemon.

His basic idea is to mix different chemistry facts with fantasy in the card game. Anshul Samar currently runs the company in Bay Area.

Rob Benwell Internet Billionaire7. Rob Benwell

Rob Benwell wasn’t just a typical college dropout. The creator of BloggintotheBank.com began his business with only $100 in hand. He came up with a self-help guide in creating a blog. In a span of 6 months, he was able earn $100,000.

His other ebooks were also a success. “Niche Annihilation Method” and “Six Figures in Six Months” were able to provide step-by-step instructions to people who are interested to make it big online.

Suleman Ali Internet Billionaire8. Suleman Ali

Suleman Ali left Microsoft in the year 2007. He decided to create his own company. He didn’t have a plan. His success was brought about by boredom. He opted to create an application for Facebook called Superlatives. It allows his visitors to rank their friends as the smartest, best-looking and whatnots.

He sold his portfolio at Facebook application to the Social Gaming Network.

Matthew Charles Mullenweg Internet Billionaire9. Matthew Charles Mullenweg

Bloggers have to thank Matthew Charles Mullenweg for the famous blogging tool WordPress. His company, the Automatic, was also able to provide Internet users with Akismet which is a spam protection service. He even created other software projects which made him one of the top Internet billionaires.

10. Alex Tew

Alex Tew Internet BillionaireLast but not the least, 21 year old student from Wiltshire, England made it to the list. Alex Tew was about to start his three-year Business Management course and was concerned about his student loan that takes him years to repay. He then decided to create The Million Dollar Homepage which composes of a million pixels sold for only $1 per pixel in a 10 x 10 block. The websites aim was to showcase pixels in the image and selling it.

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