Top Features of the Latest Version of Firefox

FirefoxThe latest Version of Firefox Mozilla is the fastest, secured, and full-featured Web browser available today. Firefox brings together almost all kinds of awesomeness just to make browsing better for all of its users.

Mozilla Firefox 12 is equipped with several versatile features that will make your browsing experience better than ever. Some of these features include AA Open GL, CSS 3D Transitions, full-screen apps, and improved stability, which is also, features of version 11.

The latest open web technologies and streamlined user interface of the latest version of Firefox make it the best browser in the market. This browser allows easy navigation, surfacing innovative applications that are perfect for both beginner and advanced users. Like other browsers, Mozilla Firefox latest version has adopted a synchronized feature. This browser has over 80 developer tools and a wide range of customization features through extensions.

You can download the latest version of Firefox web browser from the official website of Mozilla Firefox. Making Firefox your default web browser has several perks. It will automatically install all of your taskbar icons, as well as offer you enhanced security features such as the Content Security Policy and Do Not Track. This version is also surfaced with features that will not just make your browsing easier, but also quicker.

The latest version of Firefox Web browser is a perfect option for individual’s online research, particularly college students. The virtually sticky notes feature of this Web browser can be accessed right from the toolbar. Using the Pin App As Tab feature, you can save the URL of your frequently visited websites on the toolbar as icons. Through this way, you’ll need to type the URL of your favorite sites as you can click the icon on the toolbar and immediately to your favorite webpage.

In addition, the latest version of Firefox allows you to view tabs in an array of thumbnail images, create fun applications, and integrate third party add-ons. HML5 feature of this latest version of Web browser supports hardware accelerated videos, 3D graphics, offline date storage, Firefox add-ons and professional typography.

Mozilla Firefox 12 is one of the few remaining web browsers that use separate search boxes and address. It also features a menu features tool for debugging and building websites in a single location. The bookmarks and history menus are redesigned. Packed with advanced developer tools and innovative features, the latest version of Firefox is proven to be one of the most efficient and convenient free web browsers today.

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