Top Tips to Get Free Traffic

These my top 3 personal ways to get free traffic and may work for all users. I have gathered this information from personal experience and my traffic stats. I will not include SEO traffic, because it general and everyone knows that you can get a huge amount of visitors daily, if your site is well ranked in Search Engine such as Google, Yahoo ect.. Well here we go some tips :


With popular blogs you can generate some free traffic by commenting on some of the more popular posts or getting a few review done but make sure its in your niche as otherwise you might get no traffic or a lot of non-targeted traffic.

Social bookmark

Users can get a lot of traffic from Social-bookmark as there are a lot of users that use it but most visitors from social bookmarking sites as Stumbleupon, Digg, Furl etc.. don’t convert, and so trying to get traffic from them isn’t that important, unless your only trying to get your traffic stats or Alexa stats up.


This is a new website but its really good for blogs. You can get a lot of visits from them when you either drop your card on someone else’s blog or when you place an advertisement on someone else’s blog. When I say advertisement I mean paying for it with free EC credits that can be earned by dropping cards or selling your ad space.

That’s all for this article, but i’ll be back with more useful tips and methods to get good free traffic that convert well and that you can use to promote your affiliate program.

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