Truck Driving Jobs in the Present Recession

A decent income will always come your way from a truck driving job. It should be sufficient for you and your family, as long as the company you are working with is the right one from the many companies that do give out such jobs. Is the situation the same, even when the economy is on a downturn? It is a well known fact that the recession is already here. A number of people, probably in the thousands, are losing jobs every week, and this has been the situation since December 2007. The unemployment figure now stands at almost 7 % and there is no certainty that trucking jobs will not be affected.

At whatever level the economy functions, the necessity of trucking will always be felt in the market and in society. It may have had to face the crunch caused by the recession, but truck driving jobs are still to be had. The industry could see a huge crisis if the auto makers are not bailed out by the Congress. A bail out does seem likely. It is the auto manufacturers who have brought it on themselves and the Government is wrong in trying to rescue every industry, but the Governments control on the economy is as it is completely out of control, and they may find it expedient to bail out the automobile industry.

The downside of the Government not bailing out the auto industry could mean that the effect of its inaction could affect the entire country and even spread to countries abroad. A whole host of jobs, probably in millions could be lost and the trucking industry would not be immune from this. The trucking industry carries a lot of freight every day for the auto industry. So if the auto industry gets into trouble, it is certain that trucking company business would see a serious downturn and a lot of them could close down and there would be less jobs for the drivers. Congress is therefore hard pressed to bail out this industry, a vital cog of the economy too, notwithstanding the fact that it is Congress itself which is responsible for the present sorry state of affairs. The Government has already all our mortgages under its control, and now they will have control of the auto industry also. Their plan for socialism is now finally coming into play. But that is another side of the story.

The transportation industry is a vital part of the U.S. economy. So truck driving jobs will always be available even if other sectors of the economy fail. The number of truck driving jobs is bound to reduce, as the demand for trucking is affected by the slump in the market place, but even if the economy functions at a low intensity, trucking has to continue. Almost all our towns and cities and other habitations are dependent on trucks for almost everything they need. You cannot get away from this fact. It is a truism that America will come to a halt if there are no trucks.

November 2008 saw 500,000 jobs being reduced! In spite of such a bleak state of affairs, truck driving still provides secured and decent employment to a whole host of people. Maybe you will see a reduction in the number of truck driving jobs as more and more sectors of the economy are forced to downsize. But the necessity for trucking will continue, and you just need to latch on to a good trucking company, to assure yourself of some job security.

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    There are still high paying jobs on certain job sites.

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    no, truck drivers are considered low profile in my country. I would not 😀

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