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Twitter Tips for Beginners

Twitter Tips from ZakShowTwitter is probably one of the hottest social networks on the internet today! It’s ranked as one of the top 20 sites visited in the world and has over 20 million users today. That’s a pretty large social network. Now that you and probably your friend and family are using twitter, you should take the time out and learn how to communicate effectively. Here are some tips of twitter for beginners.

Be honest with people and don’t try to sell something to them all the time. You wouldn’t spam your facebook or email about your latest products or services. Don’t do it with twitter.

If you own a blog, business, website, its ok to tweet about them and their subjects. However, you should also tweet about things that are not related to them. Twitter is personal, so remember to tweet about some real life things once in a while.

Stop broadcasting and join in on the conversations! Often times webmasters and bloggers simply broadcast about their latest post or update. You should not only do this, but try to integrate yourself into the conversations. You’ll grow your network and will create a positive image for yourself.

Be efficient on twitter. Their is a 140 character limit for a reason! Keep your messages short and to the point. Having your followers running in circles or pondering will only frustrate them – worse, they don’t even understand what you’re trying to get through!

Keep on updating that twitter status! Followers expect news, information, and updates on what you’re doing. If you’re not updating, you’ll end up losing a lot of your followers if not all of them.

Twitter is a social network. You have to be social or reap the misfortune of being bored and plain. Their is no point in simply lurking and reading others tweets. You’ll get very little back lurking. Dive right in and start tweeting and networking!

Remember that twitter is for building your relationships and learning about new things. Sharing is extremely important on twitter as it is in the real world. Get tweeting and don’t forget to follow me @ZakShow to get posted with the latest news and updates!

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