Various Editions of Windows 7

The Microsoft has come up with a new version of their operating system known as Microsoft Windows 7. The Microsoft Windows 7 is better than its predecessors in many aspects. It has better interface and it has improved visual scheme. It is also more user friendly and has better compatibility with third party applications.

The Microsoft Windows 7 has many different editions to meet the needs of every one on this planet. There are six different editions incorporating different characteristics and features. Every edition has a different target market and it is optimized for that market. The users now can easily get a package which meets all their needs.

Despite all six editions being released officially, not all of them are available in the retail market. Only three editions are available in the retail market. These editions are Home Premium, Ultimate and Professional. These three editions aim to cover most of the needs of all the users.

Home Premium

The home premium edition of the Microsoft Windows 7 is aimed at a home based computer where the users needs are not corporate. You get all the non-corporate features in this edition. This edition has all the features which are present in the lower end editions of the Home series. Those editions include the Starter and the Home Basic edition. So if you are a serious home user, you should get the Home Premium edition.

Microsoft Windows Ultimate

this version has advanced features and even then it is available to the home user. This means that you can get it from the retail market with individual license. If you are not able to purchase this edition of windows but want to upgrade to it, you can do so in certain cases. Only the users of Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium and Professional can upgrade to this edition of Microsoft windows.

Microsoft Windows 7 Professional

If you are a small business owner, you have the perfect solution. The Microsoft offers Professional edition to the small businessmen and the enthusiast users. This edition contains all the basic needs of a small business and you will not need anything else for some time to come.

You can also upgrade your Windows Vista to any of these three editions of Windows 7. You will have to meet the requirements relating to the hardware and the inbuilt upgrading software will help you to do the rest. You will need a good internet connection to do that and you will be paying for the edition to which you are going to upgrade. You can also make a clean installation of the Windows 7. This is highly recommended by the Microsoft especially in some countries where the piracy is a huge issue.

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    Windows vista was a disaster but windows 7 looks promising.

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