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Ways to be Successful in Affiliate Marketing without a Website

Affiliate marketing gives the opportunity to earn an income online to both the experienced as well as the newbie internet entrepreneur. It benefits both the merchant and the affiliate. The merchant can advertise his products at a much lower cost and the affiliate can earn commissions by promoting such products. The affiliates are not required to have their own products to sell. They can earn handsome commissions by promoting the merchant’s products. Signing up with affiliate programs are easy and in most of the cases free. However, there is one question: whether a website is necessary or not for success in affiliate marketing. Though a website is recommended for promoting affiliate products, it is not essential. The following are the different ways to promote affiliate products without having your own website:

1. E-Mail Marketing: E-Mail marketing is the most popular way to promote affiliate products without a website. The essential of E Mail marketing is to maintain a list of prospective customers and to send them periodical E Mails containing various information and articles which are relevant to the products and services which you are promoting. In your E Mails you may add small text ads which link to your merchant site. Try to build a relationship with your customers by sending them good content and not spammy ads.

2. Pay Per Click advertising: Pay Per Click or PPC is also another popular method of promoting affiliate products without a website. You have to join some PPC network such as Google Adwords or Yahoo Publisher Network and purchase some ads which link to your merchant website. These ads are then shown on different webpages within the network. When somebody clicks on these ads, they are directly taken to the merchant website and if they purchase anything from there, you get a commission.

3. Writing and distributing free E Books: You may write your own E Book on any topic relevant to the products which you are promoting. Give good and useful information which may help others in your niche. You may put the banners and text ads related to the affiliate products which you are promoting, at the end of the book.

4. Online discussion boards and forums: You may use various online discussion forums, message boards, chat.. to promote your products. But the message boards/forums.. should have topics relevant to the products which you are promoting.

5. Offline promotion: The products may also be promoted by using different offline mediums such as, classified ads, brochures, flyers etc.

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