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What you Need to Know about SERPs

All about SERPsSearch engine result pages is the expansion of the abbreviation SERPs. When a searcher uses the search engine to find a website based on the application of a selected keyword, then he would be led to a set of links on a few pages based on the keyword used. These few pages constitute what is called as SERPs. It is important to remember that SERPs is arrived at in response to the query posed by the visitor or the search engine user.

To get positioned well in the SERPs is the goal of every proud website owner. If you are a proud owner of a business website, then you will do well to work hard to see your website placed well in the SERPs so that your business flowers in the course of time. It of course takes time for your website to find an agreeable place in the SERPs. Several factors influence the positioning of a website in the SERPs. The factors include the quality of backlinks that the website receives, the various strategies employed by you in link building, link bait, quality of reciprocal links and the like. All these factors equally contribute to the SERPs aspect of your website.

Usually you can find about 20 links on a results page. Although there are 20 links or there about in each results page, each of them would have found its place by virtue of different listing procedures. In other words listing methods would have contributed to the appearance of the various links on a results page. Indexing done by search engines would have resulted in the links on the results page. You can see some sponsored links on the pages too. In the same way you can find the listings or links from some of the popular web directories on the Internet.

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