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Where to Find Links to Boost your SEO

To improve your search engine optimization process, there are several techniques such as link building, or the net-linking. As a guideline, the purpose is to link your site to the maximum of other partner sites. In fact, you can benefit from additional visitors to your site through the links on your existing partner sites.

Here are some tips that can help you define your link strategy to boost your SEO process to attract more visitors:

Find quality partner sites

It is important to have many links, but it remains essential to have reliable links to sites that have a strong authority for search engines. To check the authority of a site, you need to check if the pages are updated and indexed regularly, quality and quantity of backlinks pointing to the penny and the age of the domain name of site, in addition of PR. Garbage of poor quality website sometimes do more harm than good, so try to stay away from deindexed or penalized website, even spammy and websites based on duplicate content may have a negative effects on your website SEO.

Get quality links

There are several ways to find links. For maximum efficiency, it is necessary to combine different techniques: You can find out websites or press releases, containing articles related to your niche then submit a well-written and informative article with a link that points to your page in the bio. Similarly, in a press release, you can add a link on the “About”. This method is very effective to boost your serach engine optimization process, especially if you get links from high authority websites, search engines trust these links and this would surely improve your SERPs.

Sign in directories

Even if the directories don’t provide strong ties because of their high number of outgoing links, you can still register. This is one of the oldest SEO techniques but also one of the most common. Don’t limit yourself to this technique mainly because it will not allow you to increase your traffic directly.

Expand your network of backlinks

It is also possible to exchange links, while taking every precaution because the search engines can identify the interrelationships and cause them to lose at the same time reliably. However you can work around this, first by making relevant contributions and then through that link only links to your site. You can also comment on blog posts by including a link to your site.

Purchase links ( Not Recommended )

If you have a large budget for SEO of your site, it is possible to buy links. This allows you to publish your links on popular sites. In other words you can benefit from the authority of the site to increase your traffic. However, you should choose sites that address the same issues that you and especially don’t get an unexpectedly large number of these links, especially when you don’t already have a network of well-developed websites. This would alarm the search engines and may get your website penalized and de-indexed, slow and steady wins the race!

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