Why Do People Blog?

Many people blog nowadays. A great percentage of internet users maintain a blog, majority of them even have multiple blogs. The niches range from how-to tips, health, online marketing, sports, travel, product reviews, blogging, online diaries and the most popular of them all, “how to earn money online”. These bloggers find blogging a good way to spend their idle time and for some, in order to earn extra dollars for their pockets.

Many people find blogging more useful and profitable than simply chatting, playing an online game or going somewhere else. Many people are even addicted to it that they spend most of their time creating, writing posts, developing and marketing their blogs ( consider me as an example ^.^ ). Some have even resigned from their day jobs already and made it their full time work at home job ( my goal ). A lot are now earning from it and they do earn a decent amount monthly.

So, why do people blog? Some of the reasons were already mentioned above but blogging covers a wide range of topics. Most of the blogs do cover a specific niche as it would be too big a task to cover all areas of knowledge in one blog. Below are some of the reasons why people get hooked in blogging. Learning these reasons will help us understand more why bloggers spends most of their time on the computer and chose blogging as their communication style. Most of these bloggers also want to find another way to earn some extra cash online and blogging is one of these ways.

Why you should blog

1. To bookmark interesting sites, photos, videos and other interesting finds online. People love to read interesting posts, we love sharing photos of important events in our lives or about someone we know who has in a way touched our lives. Videos online cover different kinds from music videos, skincare videos, funny videos, marketing and other tutorials and basic information. Most people want to document these things and one way to do it is by keeping a blog and store all these information there. Wherever we are, we can always access it and this brings great convenience to all of us.

2. To keep an online diary. Diaries have always been popular since we were children. Our schools even require us to have one, to record every event that happens in our lives. Mostly, we even add photos or videos of the activity. The new technology has improved diary-making a lot. From notebooks, we now have e-notebooks. Many people already use blogs to record their daily activities. These kinds of blog are called personal blogs. Most moms do create personal blogs. These include their daily and rewarding experiences on motherhood, the trials and joy of having a family, their journey to being a new mom and a lot more.

3. To advertise a product, business or services. Many professional affiliate marketers use this method. They create a blog, make a review about the products they are endorsing with the link to their landing pages provided. Then they advertise this blog in forums, post comments in other blogs, submit their blogposts to social bookmarking sites and many other link building techniques. This is one of the effective ways in affiliate marketing and it still being used by many internet marketers today.

4. To have a venue to publish our written work. Many people dream of seeing their work and be published online. There are many people who love creating poems, short stories, formulating new and informative content and other written works. Blogs have become their partners. It is where their dreams come true, their dream of being an accomplished and published writer. Blogging makes most dreams come to reality and it has fulfilled many amateur writers and even professional writers wishes.

5. To have a place where we could store our collection of our favorite recipes. Many people love to cook and share their new recipes and food discoveries to the world. Blogs are great places to store them so other people would find them and at the same time try it themselves. This gives fulfillment to the creator and at the same time gives them an opportunity to earn money from the ads that they could add to their blogs.

6. To post our collection of music videos, TV series, and other similar stuff. Entertainment is one of the things people won’t miss. All of us love listening to new released videos. We spend hours watching TV series from one episode to another. There are times that we miss some of our favorite episodes because of work or other unavoidable things to attend to. Our blogs could be great places to embed our favorite music videos, TV series and even movies. There are many people who do this and they enjoy the fact that they could always access these favorites online.

7. To record one’s mini-adventure in travel. Many people love to travel. These people love documenting the places and creating a little story of their travels. Many people also love to share information about a place they have visited or would want to visit. That’s where travel blogs came into the picture. There are thousands of them online and travel blogs have always brought great joy to the readers, the beautiful photos, new discoveries and interesting travel information.

8. Last but not the least, in order to earn money. Creating a blog is a great way to earn money online. We could always monetize it through Google Adsense, text link ads, affiliate products and we could accept paid blog, product or site reviews. The money-making opportunities are limitless.

These are just some of the reasons why many people blog. There are still more and the list is endless, this is just a short list to motivate you and to get you into the blogging world. As years go by, blogging will evolve and more features will be added. Blogging is here to stay and we are all thankful that the new technology has introduced us to the world of blogging. It does not only provide us a venue to publish online our created work, affiliate products and other interesting stuff but it also has provided us a way to express ourselves and earn money online. Blogging has really changed the way I live.

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