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Why Edu Backlinks Are So Powerful ?

The competition is very tough in online business, and almost every website owner tries to do everything he can, to maximize the revenue of his website. No business can survive for a long time if it doesn’t bring handsome return, and the same goes for online businesses as well. These days, businesses make use of every marketing strategy there is, to ensure that they are slightly ahead of their competitors.

.Edu Backlinks PowerSEO has been proven way to increase your traffic, sales and revenue in online business. It’s considered as the most cost effective way of marketing today, as after you are ranked on top of Google for your targeted keywords, the traffic you will get from Google is completely free and highly targeted. We all know businesses can pay anything for targeted leads, and search engines does just that.

SEO is a very broad field, and it takes a lot of analysis and experiments to make sure that your SEO campaign is successful and you will see results from it after some time. However, there are few parts of an SEO campaign without which you cannot expect to rank high on Search Engines. One of those unavoidable things is Off Page SEO. In Off Page SEO, we build quality links for our website that Google considers as a vote to that particular website.

By quality backlinks we really mean quality. In order to rank high on Google we need to build backlinks from websites that are considered as an authority by Google. One of the best and proven methods to gain authority in the eyes of Google is to build some edu backlinks. These EDU backlinks are created upon domains with .Edu TLD. Since mostly .EDU domains are used by educational organizations and university/colleges websites, Google considers those links as a strong recommendation to rank your website higher on SERPs.

Edu backlinks can surely sky rocket your SEO campaign and can provide you with excellent results in the long run. Keep in mind that these backlinks should not be spammed and should not have a lot of out bound links. Obviously you can’t just rely on these .Edu backlinks, you have to diversify your linking strategy and add some other link building tasks in it as well, like article marketing, social bookmarking, forum posting, etc. But having 1 PR-0 .Edu backlink is equal to having 10 PR-0 blog comment backlinks. So, do put in some effort and time building some .edu backlinks for our website. You will surely see great results by building links on those .Edu pages.

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    March 30, 2012 at 02:21

    Totally agree, I just got some edu links and already see the results in less than 1 week. I think edu links hold kind of authority!

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