Search Engine Optimization

Why you Need Optimization ?

Robots came, take everything you deem important and going, and thanks to their many users may just come to your site. The number of Internet sites and documents on the web is continuously increasing and thus in time becoming increasingly difficult to find quick and easy information. Often hundreds of ads hit us, many of which do not have any relation to the topic of our demand. Therefore, there is no more reasonable way to find whatever it was online but by using the search engine. This is the time for all of us to remember that search engines use “bots” to “crawl” across the network and to collect information on web pages and other documents. Search engine uses the information gathered to create the entire “index” or its database.

As of published information on the Internet, people are forced to use search engines often daily. For search engines become must constantly update their results to keep them current. It will say that it is necessary to examine more sites, more often. Holders of sites also noted increased traffic and not remain indifferent and respond to changes. Realize the most important, namely that search engines can significantly increase traffic by increasing the ranking of their sites. There are cases where 90 percent of all traffic on the site due to the work of search engines.

What should we do?

As the network and increased competition in each area – from computers, travel and food industry, down to the purchase of pet online. In terms of lower prices that competition is healthy, but that competition led to lower satisfaction that visitors experience navigating the Internet. Let me explain the detail …

First, I must specify the potential of search engines in modern society – we know now that Google and Yahoo load that Overture provides its lists of many search engines. Google is the focus of this article. From Google argued that the daily had about 150 million visits to various queries to this by adding the number of visits to search sites on the web visitors in Yahoo, it appears that I speak for many traffic. With the right approach and optimization for your site, you can also take place as rated number 1. Proper optimization does not depend on money, but by knowledge of the process.

Due to huge daily traffic, which search engines have on their sites, everybody wants to take a top position in their ratings. This makes webmaster and Optimizer sites to nominate SEO – to analyze Google and other search engines to determine what qualities are required to hold a site to be classified as one in the lists.

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    October 16, 2008 at 11:19

    We need optimization to make more money. I do make money in search engine optimization.

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    October 17, 2008 at 00:32

    Hi Hussein,

    Yes that’s true too, but I think it’s the final step or maybe a logical result. If you offer a good service or you provide good content you surely will make more money.

    Hard work usually pay off 😉

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