WikiLeaks to Keep Governments Open

WikiLeaks FactsThe U.S. government is furious against Wiki Leaks for leaking confidential information about state department. The founder Julian Assange’s personal accounts have been closed due to this scandal. The government is upset over release of secret message from state department pursuing previous disclosures of military material from Afghanistan and Iran.

Some of the confidential information especially from war zones have threatened the personal safety and security interest of America. Many disclosures which were done recently, confirm details of things which are already known to public. The Arab states present in Persian Gulf have become alarmed with purchase of nuclear weapons by Iran which is an information already known to public before getting published in Wiki leaks.

The officials who are responsible for protecting such confidential information find it hideous that such top secret information has been released to public’s notice. Nobody wants their authority to be challenged and the government officials are furious over founders of Wiki leaks and their supporters for such freakish acts.

It is not just about safeguarding official privilege but it is about protecting the life of people. With leakage of such sensitive information, no one can predict the reactions of government and terrorists who can access these information easily. The disclosure of such confidential information could result in death of an American intelligence source. The government is responsible to protect people from terrorist attacks and they want their war efforts or military information to be kept highly confidential. If this information is easily accessible to everyone, it can create big problems for safety of public and ruin their defensive plans.

WikiLeaks informationThe editorial page of wall street journal reported that Assange should be assassinated for disclosing such sensitive information. Also, the newspaper wrote if he exposed Russian or Chinese secrets, he would have died already in hands of unknown assassin. As an Australian Citizen, Assange does not get protected under U.S laws and he can be severely punished for engaging in hostile against the government. Assange can get into serious trouble for disclosing sensitive information to public without any approval from higher authorities and concerned government officials.

Meanwhile the financial and technical infrastructure has been under continuous attack from government and its financial supports like PayPal and Master card have been stopped. Also Assange’s personal finance accounts have been closed. Since it released the 1st batch of documents from state department on Nov 28, 2010 they have been in constant troubles given by U.S. government to stop their services.

Despite all of these facts and the reality of how these documents can harm the public security, we still have to wonder about how much we’re free to express and share thoughts and facts in today’s world!

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