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Who is ZakShow ?

Hi there, How are you doing ?!

My name is Zakaria AKA ZAK SHOW, admin of Zak Show dot com. I’m a Web Entrepreneur which include webmastering, blogging, Internet Marketing, a SEO Specialist and all around a good & friendly person who loves sharing and helping people! I was born on May, 1987 and grew up in Casablanca, Morocco. Since my teenage, I was obsessed by video games and new technologies. I started my gaming career as a normal kid, playing 90’s Arcade games varying from Pacman, Street Fighters and King of Fighters to Super Mario and Zelda series. As times goes by and technology make headway, I got into a new world of video gaming and I experienced all series of different famous video games. The list is very long, however the games that I really enjoyed are Metal Gear, Counter Strike, Splinter Cell, Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry, Grand Theft Auto, Prince of Persia, Watch Dogs, Call of Duty, Age of Methodology and SIMS.

I can still remember the first time my dad bought me a computer, it was an IBM running Windows 95. I was so happy that I spent my nights just opening and closing windows! It was very weird, at age of 10 in 1997 and I have a computer that I don’t know what really can be used for. 2002 was a great year, I bought my first Pentium 4 computer and my first console Play Station One and I started the real gaming lifestyle.

In 2005 and at the age of 18, I graduated from high school, I bought a motorbike and I applied to college where I should study economics for 3 years to get a bachelor degree. Unfortunately, it wasn’t as I expected! One month after joining the university, I had a serious bike accident and I wasn’t at fault. I was hit by a car and I got my left leg tibia-fibula double fractured :/.

It was the saddest moment of my life, at that age I was paranoid by the fact that I may loose a leg, in addition of losing my career. After two surgeries and almost 2 years struggling with pain, depression and deep thinking, I’m able to walk again “Thank GOD”! Yet, these two years home in front of my computer, all along with my passion to the web and new technologies, I started learning the basics of programming languages and how I can create websites by myself using tutorials found online.

In 2007 I went back to the university where I studied economics science for 3 years to get my bachelor degree. There, I studied the basics of economics and the art of management and I all the way up I learned how to optimize websites for search engines and the multiple ways of making money online.

After my graduation, I enrolled for a 2 years double diploma master degree. The first year is a special management cycle and the second one specialized in Marketing and Communication localized in France and Belgium. Traveling and studying in Europe was an exciting and rich experience where I expanded my knowledge and I developed many skills, especially in the Internet marketing field.

My final thesis was about creating an innovative social media marketing strategy and how it can affect businesses, all along a six months internship where I’m supposed to test my strategy and way of thinking. Guess what? The strategy worked well and we was able to skyrocket the new business opportunity and take it to the next level. I learned too much from my exchange program and my internship, however the most precious thing that I understood is that I can’t work for nobody but myself and I decided to continue struggling to shape my ideas and start my online business as a self-employee.

What is my Life Philosophy ?

  • #1 Be Yourself, Be grateful for what you have and Be Happy.
  • #2 The best opinion or theory is the one that explains the most data.
  • #3 Non-arbitrary opinions or theories must be based on publicly verifiable evidence.
  • #4 Avoid unnecessary harm; if damage is unavoidable, minimize it. Don’t do to others what you wouldn’t want done to you.
  • #5 Focus on what you know and expand your knowledge to what you don’t know.
  • #6 The end does not justify the means and there is no raw model, everybody can live his life at his own style.
  • #7 All human beings possess in themselves (by virtue of their existence) the inalienable rights to life, liberty and property; no government can give these rights and no government can remove it.
  • #8 Aim for optimum contribution to others: Do unto others as you would want it to do for you.
  • #9 When you think about failure, it becomes your friend. If we postpone decisions to take on a permanent basis, nothing will change. All we need is that we want to achieve something great and then simply proceed to do it. Don’t think about failure because what you think is achieved.
  • #10 Change your attitude and you can change your life, not to forget small changes can lead to great life stories.

What is my Business Goals ?

“Being a Gemini”, I have a dreamer side and a realistic mind; by the way I don’t believe on astrological science I just find this comparison between the two faces and the two sides explicit. I try all the time to find the balance between my big dreams and the reality to not get shocked. That’s why as listed in my philosophy of living, I tend to appreciate what I have, focus on what I know without forgetting about expanding my limits.

My ultimate business goal is to run and manage my own marketing and digital communication agency accompanying startups and business owners expand their activities using the web and the power of new technologies.

Another business goal is to create a new better brand : A brand is the most valuable assets a web entrepreneur or a business owner can have. Developing a new strong brand to conquer new market is a must in today’s international world wide economy.

Being ambitious, I think strategically to expand my business activity by delegating small responsibilities and move to a higher level while trying and testing new business opportunities. Stagnation and repetitive tasks can be very demotivating, so reinvestment at the right time is one of my biggest business goals.

Last but not least, maintaining a cash flow and hitting the 1 million dollar mark by 2025. Where are we ? We are on the way to hit the first 100k.

The Zak ShowWhat Zak Show dot Com is About ?

I created ZakShow.Com back in 2008 with the aim to introduce my experience as a webmaster, blogger, web entrepreneur and someone who succeed on generating revenue from the Internet. Post topics range from web-mastering tips, blogging tips, search engines optimization, affiliate marketing, technology talk, business ideas, products/services reviews and not to forget the hobbies topic from engines talk ( mainly cars ) to travel, leisure and general talk which includes personality analysis and how to succeed in life by improving performance.

After studying Economics at the university and Computing science by myself, I’m able to manage many other websites in various niches as simple as Entertainment to some serious complicated niches as health, finance and tourism. Years that I spent the university and my master degree in Marketing & Communication teaches me lot of valuable concepts, after graduation I found myself able to run my own online business and expand it to influence the real life activity and create a trend.

What Are My Hobbies & Interest ?

I can consider that the Internet and making money online are the best things that I love to do in my free time but I still can say that I’m a good video games player, I enjoy playing RPG and FPS games.

I love watching good movies, driving sport cars, I also adore meeting friends, traveling and spending time outside.

The above is the story of my life, I tried to introduce myself and tell you dear reader what was the best and worst moments of my existence to get you know more about me. If you’re looking for a little more information about the launching of this blogging experience check here and if you have any question for me get in touch via:

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I hope that you can enjoy the read here and learn something from ZakShow.com and wish you a great day and a nice stay at Zak Show dot Com.